Data Connection Architect

Job description

A Data Connection Architect works alongside our Customer and Vendor Success teams by providing technical understanding to the technologies that connect two systems together; commonly web and native mobile data sources sending data to API and Data Tool sinks via configuration with the MetaRouter real-time Data Streaming Platform. They can speak towards identifying solutions or pathways to resolve client problems leveraging modern ad-tech/mar-tech techniques and the versatility of the MetaRouter Streaming Data Platform. As an active participant in our relationships with outside organizations, they will be seen as an expert resource to ensure MetaRouter can process client data quickly, without degradation, and with full business insights to allow for better client/consumer engagements.

The Data Connection Architect role will be primarily focused on designing a full solution for our client-to-vendor connections that the MetaRouter Platform empowers, defining the work that needs to be accomplished to establish and maintain this connection. They will then provide these actionable steps to Success to ensure outside organizations provide the proper resources, as well as to our Connection Analysis team members to drive completion of the individual components.

A passion for discovering patterns, solving puzzles, and organization is a must.

Job requirements

Core Competencies:

  • Able to identify and understand analytical and marketing concepts and ecosystems, keeping themselves up-to-date with the latest techniques around consumer identity (such as IDFA, native mobile Advertiser ID mechanisms, etc.), retargeting campaigns, user attribution, cohort tracking, and other mechanisms utilized to provide the highest level of consumer insight.
  • Knowledgeable of creating and maintaining connections to external data systems such as 3rd-party APIs, data lakes, and data warehouses.
  • Committed to articulating and guiding solutions to solve problems around real-time data transportation using the MetaRouter Platform.
  • Comfortable with direct contact with clients and creating plans and pathways to deliver technical requirements across multiple teams. Highly organized and structured, developing project timelines and being responsible for their on-time delivery.
  • Comfortable developing and facilitating tracking plans. Understands the tradeoff between client browser data, server to server, and in-app tracking. Proficient in understanding common event attributes and specs.
  • Can understand and articulate the basics around application architectural concepts utilized by B2C organizations. For example: mobile native, single page application frameworks (Vue, React, Angular), server-side render applications, microservice/monolith architecture, mobile application frameworks, etc.
  • General familiarity with the scope of data privacy regulations, GDPR and CCPA and consent mechanisms, and the requirements for businesses to become compliant with existing and pending privacy legislature.
  • Ability to adhere to established engineering workflows and to establish new workflows when needed focused on ensuring code quality and stability.

Languages, Qualifications, and Experience:

  • 1-3 years of experience with AdTech, MarTech, or developing integrations that manage connection into those platforms.
  • Required knowledge of JSON, Javascript, YAML, Browser Technologies and Techniques (Cookies, Query Parameters, etc.), Modern Authentication Mechanisms, HTTP REST APIs. Ability to navigate and interact with resources within Kubernetes environments.
  • General understanding of Analytics patterns for eCommerce websites.
  • General understanding of Project Management methodologies. 
  • Experience with Lua and Golang is a bonus.


  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Fully Remote or Denver, CO
  • Salary Range: $65k-110k


  • Equity Available
  • Health/Dental/Vision/Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Fully Remote (US) Option with HQ Office in Denver, CO